Another Spongebob Meme Has Arisen & It's Glorious

I’ve been on record as saying the Spongegar memes from about a year ago are some of my favorite of all-time.
For those whose internet memory isn’t as good as mine, these were the Spongegar memes:
Just something about the aesthetic of an out-of-the-ordinary Spongebob being thrown into a real life situation was truly hilarious to me. In a way, and I think this was kind of the point — Spongegar was all of us.
And now, almost exactly a year later, another Spongebob-related meme has sprung up from the bedrock of Twitter: the Mocking Spongebob meme.
Like last year’s en vogue Spongebob meme, I have absolutely no idea where it started, but I was able to find the episode it came from:

Other than that, your guess is as good as mine as to where, how, or why this meme came to be. Either way, however, it came into existence is just fine with me because, yet again, it’s hilarious.

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