Somebody Schedule A Funeral For ESPN Because This NHL Reporter Just Murdered Them


As we all know by now, ESPN laid off a massive amount of people a couple of weeks ago, many of which were NHL reporters. It was certainly a bizarre move by the mothership, considering the NHL is currently in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs, which is when, ya know, most fans actually give a shit about hockey.

Despite this, ESPN said f*ck hockey anyway, and laid off a bunch of the reporters that had to cover the sport. Now, it seems like they may be regretting their decision, as they’re currently asking other NHL reporters for their content.

A couple of days ago, after the Nashville Predators defeated the St. Louis Blues to reach their first ever Western Conference Finals, Predators defensive all-star P.K. Subban took a reporter’s microphone to interview teammate Roman Josi. It was a cute little interaction between a couple of teammates enjoying the victory. Nice little bonding moment captured by the Preds beat writer:

ESPN, being the gluttonous empire that they are, naturally wanted in on the action. However, to the surprise of no one, the writer who originally created the content was NOT having it when ESPN asked him for it. Those journalist gotta stick together, you know?

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