I’m A Die Hard Mets Fan & This Tribute Derek Jeter Made To New York Has Me Rock Solid

Look man, even if you don’t root for the Yankees, if you’re from New York and you don’t respect Derek Jeter, I do not f*ck with you as a human being. Let Elon Musk and Richard Branson send your ass to Mars for all I care — any New Yorker worth a damn loves Derek Jeter.

Here’s what Derek Jeter did while being the face of New York City, simply put:

  • Won
  • Slept with models and actresses
  • Didn’t get in trouble

What more could you want from the face of your city? The bi-racial angel that is Derek Jeter did showed up in New York, delivered championships, crushed pussy, stayed loyal, and retired. Then, like, I don’t know, two days after he retired, he married and knocked up Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model Hannah Davis.

Long story short — Derek Jeter is what every sports star should be.

This Sunday, the Yankees will be retiring Jeter’s iconic #2, and in anticipation to the historic day, Jeter and his company The Player’s Tribune released a tear-jerking thank you video to the city of New York.

On Sunday, the @Yankees will retire No. 2.

Derek Jeter's thank you to New York: https://t.co/8yGjNNi4Hy pic.twitter.com/ttChy7fMs7

— The Players' Tribune (@PlayersTribune) May 11, 2017

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