Kid Makes His Mom Hit The Deck With Some Slick Handles

When ball is life, anybody can get the business. It doesn’t even matter if they are your own flesh and blood. If they have the gall to try to stand in your way of getting a bucket, they deserve to get taken to the woodshed.
In the hilarious Instagram video below, a mom learns this universal truth the hard way. Watch her son put her into a blender with some slick handles.
DOWN GOES FRAZIER! DOWN GOES FRAZIER! DOWN GOES FRAZIER! From moms, to babies, to everybody in-between, there’s no taking it easy on your opposition when it comes to basketball.

What an early Mother’s Day present for this lady too. She brought him into this world, and he repays her for the gift of life with viral infamy. Talk about cold-blooded. He better splurge for one baller ass brunch spread on Sunday or else he’ll be grounded for eternity.
If he’s strapped for cash, I’m sure Rudy Gobert would be willing to help him out. It’s the least Gobert could do to thank this kid for creating a new defensive blunder video to captivate the internet.

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