Twitter Bans Martin Shkreli For Life; Strike Major Blow Against Trolls

The world is in need of some good news. Health care is is being detonated (again), Wall Street’s restrictions are slipping (again) and the Cleveland Browns were praised for their strategy in the 2017 NFL Draft. Clearly, something is very, very wrong in the world. But that’s why this news is so delightful.
Twitter has permanently banned former pharmaceutical executive¬†Martin Shkreli from the social media platform. Shkreli has been at the forefront of incidents such as jacking up the price for AIDS medicine and harassing journalists while being an all around pretentious D-bag. Finally, Twitter put an official end to his clownishness. The social media company has temporarily suspended Shkreli for harassing¬†Teen Vogue‘s Lauren Duca, and now they’ve gone whole hog.
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Shkreli, thinking he’s slick, attempted to direct followers to a new account @TrashyTheCat, but Twitter is no fool. They shut that s— down in a moment, so he tried again with a new account.
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And again, Twitter was on him like white on rice.
On top of his Twitter shenanigans, Shkreli’s legal troubles are from over. He’s currently out on $5 million bail after being arrested in 2015 for securities fraud. His trial is scheduled to begin this June. What’s more, the ex-pharma bro apparently leaked early tracks from Lil Wayne’s upcoming¬†Tha Carter V.
Shkreli first leaked a small morsel of the record back in December, but promised not to do so again following the threat of legal action. Clearly, he can’t get help but to be a major D-bag.
Thanks, Shkreli, for cheering us up today with your lifetime Twitter ban.

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