Draymond Green Calling Kelly Olynyk A Dirty Player Is Reason #5427 Why No One Likes Draymond Green

I mean, Draymond gotta be trolling everyone at this point, right? How’s the dude who’s known for his bizarre and completely unnatural leg kicks gonna call someone a ‘dirty’ player?
Before we dive into this article, here’s the type of player that Draymond Green is: Draymond Green is the type of player who literally has a ‘kick’ compilation on YouTube:


And yet, despite the fact that Draymond has essentially become the face of the league’s dirty play, he decides to take a shot at unassuming Kelly f*cking Olynyk of all people, ripping him for being a ‘dirty’ player and for trying to ‘hurt people’ on the court. Reminder, this is coming from a dude who’s been suspended for kicking another dude in the nuts.

Now, Draymond doesn’t necessarily strike me as the brightest dude, but he has to be self-aware enough to know how much of a clown he sounds like here.


Quick idea: we have Draymond Green and Lavar Ball fight to the death gladiator-style. Then, whoever wins… we kill him too. Just shoot him right in the f*cking face and carry on with our now-improved world.
And since you’re here, that means you probably hate Draymond as much as I do, so enjoy this gallery of him just being the ugliest dude on earth, bar none:

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