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Draymond Green’s Karate Basketball Video Game Is The Best Of Both Worlds

James Dator's YouTube

James Dator’s YouTube

If you love old school video games, basketball, and gratuitous violence, then you’re in luck! Draymond Green’s Shut Up And Slam Jam Karate Basketball has hit the web, and the ridiculous video game will tickle all of your fancies. The game’s storyline is that a gym has been double-booked for both a karate demonstration and a charity basketball game.

Thankfully, Draymond is extremely passionate about both of these sports. You can play as either the Cobra Kings or the King Cobras, as you try to score points and beat the hell out of the other team. Besides karate kicks, you can also use weapons that fans throw onto the court.

Via SB Nation, here’s some game footage.

This video game is batshit insane in all of the best ways. It’s half Streets of Rage 2, half Barkley Shut Up and Jam!, and 100% amazing. “I’m going to dunk and kick you in the junk” might be the greatest rap lyric I’ve ever heard.

Be sure to grab a protective cup and download Draymond Green’s Shut Up And Slam Jam Karate Basketball.

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