Najah Hafeez Cause Of Death: How Did The Syrian Comedian Die?

A top Syrian comedian died Saturday afternoon in the bn al-Nafees hospital in Damascus. She was known by her stage name Fatoum Hees Bees, who captured major roles in comedy during the 1970s.

Najah Hafeez first rose to fame after she landed a role in the 1974 TV series Hotel Sah el-Nom. She acted alongside Duraid Lahham, one of the Arab World’s most famous comedians. In that show, Ladham falls in-love with Najah, but cannot marry her.

Hafeez fell ill, and passed away this afternoon. Syria’s state news agency says that she will be buried Sunday afternoon. They have not given further details regarding her illness.

Najah was married, but had no children. But she did leave behind many moments on film for her fans to remember and hold onto.

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