Goatnappers Led Police On High Speed Chase…Wait, What?

A speeding SUV blew a stop sign and nearly crashed into a police car. What was inside that SUV? “Gordy,” a goat who was stolen from the Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul, Minnesota.

What happened?

Two St. Paul officers were patrolling Indian Mounds Park at about 1 A.M. Friday morning. At that time, they were nearly struck by an SUV that blasted right past a stop sign. A high speed chase ensued.

The officers finally caught up with the SUV after two miles of pursuing their speeding suspects. But what they found inside the vehicle surprised the officers (and myself). They found a frightened goat in the cargo area behind the back seat.

Four suspects (including the driver) attempted to flee the scene. After the SUV came to a halt, the four suspects jumped out and started running. Officers were able to apprehend two out of the four fleeing suspects. Two 29-year-old men are currently being held on a possible charge of gross misdemeanor theft.

Police spokesman Steve Linders said that the stolen goat was originally placed in the park to eat invasive weeds. Gordy is one of 30 goats situated in the Indian Mounds Park. “One day your job is to reduce invasive weeds and get rid of unwanted vegetation and the next you’re on a high speed chase. Pretty frightening,” said Linders.

Gordy the goat doesn’t appear to be physically harmed from the ordeal.

The thieves knocked down an enclosure that keeps Gordy and the rest of the goats contained in the park. The four thieves nabbed Gordy, while the other goats wandered the park. Gordy was recovered by police and the rest of the goats were herded back into their enclosure.


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