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Horrifying Second-Grade Teacher Arrested After Police Find Heroin & Meth In Her Purse


Megan Sloan, a 27-year-old second-grade teacher in Oklahoma, was arrested after police found needles, heroin, and methamphetamine in her purse.

Sloan, who teaches at Holmes Park Elementary in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, was caught by administrators after letting another teacher use her computer to sign into Facebook.

Sloan had forgotten to sign out of her account, which allowed the other teacher to read a message in which Sloan described how she sold school items and drugs in order to fund her own drug addiction. The assistant superintendent immediately called Sapulpa Police, who then came to the Holmes Park Elementary to interview Sloan.

During questions, Sloan admitted to possessing Xanax, selling two school tablets, and stealing $125 in student field trip money. Police say they believe Sloan used stolen funds to buy gas and drugs.

After the interview, police searched Sloan’s purse, where they found 13 syringes, one of which had heroin residue in it. Police also found meth, drug-cooking spoons, and the prescription drug Suboxone, however, she claimed did not take drugs at school and never left her purse within reach of students.

Police booked Sloan into the Creek County Jail on charges of possession or purchasing a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school, embezzlement, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Her bail was set at $41,000.

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