American Couples Are Super Weird Sleepers

So it turns out that in addition to your girlfriend stealing the covers every single night, American couples have a ton of other…interesting sleeping habits. AskMen surveyed 1,000 people and found some interesting facts about how we Stateside sleepers operate and what we Google about sleep.
Care to learn?

1. Guys Snore A Lot (Obviously)

This one ain’t much of a surprise as practically every single sitcom of all-time has made the same stupid joke about dudes snoring. But just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Roughly 30% of survey participants said snoring and teeth grinding were their biggest complaint about their partners. In fact, women of all age groups were annoyed by these two involuntary habits. Unlike needling us during a football game, this complaint is 100% warranted.

2. Californians Are In Need Of New Beds

California is stereotyped as the most laid back state in the country, but for some reason it’s apparently very uncomfortable when they literally lay back.
According to the survey, Californians were the most likely to keep the same mattress for more than a decade – which is longer than recommended. In second was New York and in third was Ohio. We get it, mattresses are expensive. But wouldn’t you rather shell out some cash rather than suffer through an endless deluge of sleepless nights, eventually turning you into an insomniac who creates an entirely new personality to cope with life only to lose control to that new personality who has created and organized a nation-wide domestic terrorist organization?
Okay, I may have just stolen the plot of Fight Club, but my argument still stands.

3. What Do Hugh Hefner and the Midwest Have in Common?

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is apparently a massive fan of waterbeds. You know who else enjoys waterbeds? People that reside in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and South Dakota. According to the survey, 5.2% of people in Midwestern states own a waterbed, which is a lot higher than the national average of 2.9%.
Huh, who would’ve thunk?
If you want to check out more “fun facts” about the weird ways Americans sleep, head on over to AskMen.

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