Peter Selis: Full Story & Must-See Details On San Diego Shooter

Peter Selis, a car mechanic, has been identified as the suspect involved in the shooting of seven people – all non-whites – at a San Diego-area apartment complex pool. Selis, 49, was shot to death by police.

What Happened?

Witnesses said he smirked as he calmly shot people after being invited to join the pool party. He was a service technician at a San Diego-area Ford car dealer whose life was crumbling under financial stress and a mountain of credit card debt.

Authorities say the victims included four African-American females, two African-American males, one Hispanic male and an African-American male who broke his arm fleeing. Police have yet to classify this as a racially motivated hate crime as they continue to investigate the motivation.
Several of the victims are in critical condition and one female has died. Her name has yet to be released.
Witnesses said Selis was “relaxed” and held a beer in one hand while firing at multiple people with the other. In between shots, he reportedly told others “You can either leave or you can stay here and die,” according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.
Selis “was reportedly drinking a beer during the gunfire according to a witness who spoke to CBS News 8,” that television station reported. NBC7 interviewed a witness who said, “there’s a view of the pool area where we could see the shooter sitting there with a beer in one hand and the gun in the other. He looked pretty relaxed.”
David Phillips told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the shooting erupted at his best friend’s birthday party and as he was returning from the bathroom. “He said he immediately got on the ground. His best friend was among those shot,” the newspaper reported, quoting Phillips as saying, “It was like the Twilight Zone. I really can’t explain what happened.”
Shahrayar Jeff told the newspaper that his “8-year-old granddaughter told him the man was sitting and drinking a beer and ‘relaxing and shooting,’” and Jeff labeled the mass shooting “very cold blooded” to the Union Tribune.
The suspect was “reloading his gun in the pool area,” a 911 dispatcher says in the initial audio from the scene. “People down.” The suspect was initially described in the dispatch audio as a white male, age 40. The shooting occurred at La Jolla Crossroads Apartments.

Selis targeted only non-white victims and also shot at police.
“The suspect pointed the gun at our officers and three of our officers fired on the suspect and the suspect went down and the suspect is deceased,” San Diego Police chief Shelley Zimmerman said in a news conference.

Peter Selis

Selis’ court history shows that he was struggling with extreme financial problems, including significant credit card debt.
According to San Diego court records, there was a legal separation with minor children in the marriage between Peter Selis and his wife, Michelle Selis, that dates to 2008. There is a 2013 wedding registry at Macy’s for Peter Selis and a woman named Patricia Martinez. However, her Facebook page does not include any mention of him.
A 2015 Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing exists in the name of Peter Raymond Selis and lists as a joint debtor, his spouse, Patricia Martinez. The filing listed assets of $14,100 and liabilities of $108,028.
The bankruptcy filing said Peter Selis worked as a “car mechanic” for Mossy Ford, Inc. in San Diego and had been employed there for five years. The 2015 filing said he had, at that time, a 12-year-old daughter, 16-year-old son, and 19-year-old stepson. He earned $74,676 a year in 2014 from Mossy Ford.

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