How Do Top NFL Prospects Get Swagged Out Before The Draft?

What would you do if you were on the verge of fame and fortune with millions of dollars at your fingertips?
Would you fantasize about the luxuries of your new life? Everyone has their own imaginary wish list just in case a half-forgotten crumpled lottery ticket ever hit.
Would you stress out about the burden? Being thrust into the public eye isn’t always as fun as it looks. Sooner or later, all stars realize the bright lights can leave you burned.
Or would your pending superstardom leave you with just one simple question: how does my hair look?
DeShone Kizer
That was the general concern of eventual top-ten picks Jamal Adams and John Ross and highly-touted quarterback prospect DeShone Kizer at Procter & Gamble’s annual VIP Style Lounge ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft. The VIP Style Lounge is essentially a fresh-maker, providing prospects and their families with style and grooming services including shaves, haircuts, hair styling, facials, massages and more provided by Gillette, Braun, Old Spice, Head & Shoulders, Pantene and Secret.
To paraphrase Derek Zoolander, it’s similar to an amazing day spa. Day, D-A-I-Y-E. Okay?
“It’s exciting to get started with Head & Shoulders, I’m definitely part of the family now,” Adams, who went No. 6 overall to the New York Jets, told COED in an exclusive interview. “It’s an exciting time for my family and I’m definitely going to be getting my hair washed and conditioned for tomorrow night. So I’m looking forward to it,” he said in the breezy way that only a carefree 21-year-old could muster.

Maybe it’s the soothing spa atmosphere and the pamper-centric services at hand, but none of the three future NFLers we talked to seemed weighed down by stress or distracted with starry eyes. There was no talk of gaudy million dollar purchases or any major concern on how the draft would go. Instead, they all came across as normal college-aged kids just hoping to look good on TV, even if a few of them were more self-described blue jeans kind of guys.
“ESQ is going to make my suit for me, a good friend from back home. Other than that, I’m not really a name brand driven guy,” Kizer, who is expected to go in the second-round, told us. “I’m a pretty blank canvas. I really got to learn how to become that type of guy. But I’m definitely using ESQ, going to go ahead and use my Head & Shoulders that I’ve been using since Day 1 and then obviously we’re here with Secret. That’s the final touch for everything. That cocoa butter deodorant is something I’ve been using since I was 15.” Well selected.
So what type of image are these guys trying to project with all of these meticulous preparations? What do they want the world to see when the cameras wash over them and their dreams are coming true in real time?
“Class,” Ross, who went No. 9 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals, said. “Definitely class. I want to come off as classy and kind of show everyone that I clean up nice.”
John Ross
“Just a classy guy,” Adams echoed, “but a guy who definitely likes to have fun and is outgoing. Someone who is always going to be himself, but at the same time, a wonderful football player and a wonderful person off the field.”
From first-hand experience, we can tell you that all of these guys are great and deserving of everything good coming their way.
But to answer the question: what do these guys do on the verge of fame and fortune with millions of dollars at their fingertips? They act like the young twenty-something kids they are, worrying about their hair and tolerating the lovingly non-stop questions and suggestions from their moms. But most of all, they just kick back and chill, secure in the knowledge that they’ve done the right things to get them to this point.
Of course, that doesn’t mean the money isn’t somewhere in the back of their minds.
“It sounds good to be a millionaire,” Ross finally said with a small laugh. It sure does.

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