Top Prospect Jamal Adams Reveals What He'll Miss Most About College

College is typically the most fun four years of your life…unless, of course, your heading to the NFL like LSU‘s Jamal Adams. With pro games, millions of dollars and endless fame on the horizon, it’s safe to say his fun is just beginning. Still, everyone holds a soft spot in their hearts for college and Adams is no different.
COED sat down with the star safety at the VIP Style Lounge ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft where he discussed what he’ll miss most about his student-athlete days.
“Just the relationships I built with the people around…There’s so many great people at LSU, you know, that you’re going to miss. You miss coming out of that tunnel,” Adams said. “There’s nothing like 100,000-plus fans screaming, chanting the purple and gold. But it’s definitely going to be the people.”
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The people are great. His teammates, though, are even better. Adams forged close-knit bonds with his brothers in arms during his three years at LSU. The 21-year-old loves his teammates and visibly warms when he speaks about them…even if they weren’t always the best behaved bunch.
“No, I definitely wasn’t the prankster [on the team]. I like to have fun a little bit, but I don’t cross the boundary,” Adams said. “For instance, there were a lot of guys that put food in people’s lockers…”
Adams stops and glares at his buddy sitting next to him. The whole room erupts in knowing laughter.
“Very nasty. They used to do that, but as far as getting them back, I would just throw it back in their locker. But other than that, I’m real laid back. What you see is what you get.”
Well, what we get is pretty darn good and what that lucky NFL team will get is top notch. Adams may miss the connections he made in college, but he’s sure to thrive in the pros.



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