LISTEN: Mary J. Blige, 'Strength of a Woman' Stream & Download: New Album

R&B veteran Mary J. Blige is back with her 13th studio album, as Strength of a Woman is now available for stream or purchase. This is the nine-time Grammy winner’s first studio album since the critically acclaimed The London Sessions back in 2014. I’ve only listened to one song off of Strength of a Woman, but if the other 13 tracks are half as good as the Kanye West assisted “Love Yourself,” Mary J. has another masterpiece on her hands.

That’s enough of an intro for one day, though. Like the great Mary J. once said, “Don’t need no hateration, holleration/In this dancery.” And I’m pretty sure that loosely translates to here is how you can stream or download Strength of a Woman.

Stream Strength of a Woman

Via Spotify, you can stream the album below.

Download Strength of a Woman

If you want to purchase the album, head on over to iTunes.

Strength of a Woman Tracklist

1. Love Yourself feat. Kanye West
2. Thick of It
3. Set Me Free
4. It’s Me
5. Glow Up feat. Quavo, DJ Khaled, & Missy Elliott
6. U + Me (Love Lesson)
7. Indestructible
8. Thank You
9. Survivor
10. Find the Love
11. Smile feat. Prince Charlez
12. Telling the Truth feat. Kaytranada
13. Strength of a Woman
14. Hello

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