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Auburn Fan Hilariously Trolls Alabama With A ‘Kick Six’ Spotify Playlist


Auburn Tigers’ YouTube

By now, we are all very familiar with the internet trend of roasting somebody via a Spotify playlist where you use certain song titles in a particular order to convey a message. It’s kinda like a much less creepier version of when a kidnapper cuts up magazines to spell out words for a ransom letter.

For example:

Now that you’ve gotten a quick lesson on the Spotfiy playlist meme that’s sweeping the internet, let’s take a walk down memory lane to November 30, 2013. Alabama was battling Auburn in a fierce Iron Bowl matchup, and the score was tied at 28-28 with just one second remaining.

Nick Saban opted to try a 57-yard field goal, which was a decision that he would immediately regret. Auburn’s Chris Davis caught the errant kick and returned it all the way back for a game-winning touchdown.

Because there’s never a bad time to poke fun at your arch nemesis, Auburn fan Cameron Adams created a Spotify playlist to throw some more salt in that “Kick Six” wound. Check out his tweet below, featuring song titles to match commentator Rod Bramblett’s play-by-play of Davis’ return.

Using a 2017 meme to find a new way to troll Bama about a play that took place four years ago is such a hilarious blend of creativity and pettiness. I heartily give this playlist a full Fred McGriff endorsement.

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