UC Davis Campus Gets Vending Machine That Sells Plan B

Sex in college is like drinking beer or eating Ramen noodles. It just happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s going down. While most colleges try to accommodate this phenomenon by handing out condoms, UC Davis is taking it one step forward. The Cali school has installed a vending machine on campus that sells Plan B.
MVP move, UC Davis, MVP move.
Plan B is a much better alternative to both condoms, which suck, and unprotected sex. No one wants to be sweating a pregnancy test at 18 and no freshman wants to drunkenly wrestle with a condom during a 2:00 A.M. booty call. UC Davis just changed the whole pick up game with this move.

Don’t expect to find filling snacks or thirst quenching drinks inside UC Davis’ newest vending machine.
Instead, the university is offering a quick fix for that late night or early morning contraceptive need.
The vending machine inside the campus Activities and Recreation Center offers the morning after pill for $30, along with an assortment of other contraceptive items like condoms and pregnancy tests.
UC Davis senior Parteek Singh came up with the idea after a friend was unable to buy the morning after pill in a timely manner.
“They were all out of emergency contraceptives and they weren’t going to get anything until Monday,” Singh said.
The vending machine is open 18 hours a day and is only inaccessible when the building shuts down between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.
The only other place contraception is sold on campus is in the Student Health and Wellness Center, which is only open during business hours.

The university also deserves credit for that $30 asking price, with the average morning after pill running around $50. Not only is the school throwing out alley-oop lob passes to the sex lives of its students, but it’s also lessening the pressure on these youngins’ wallets.
UC Davis is where it’s at, folks.

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