For Those (Preposterously) Worried About North Korea, Here's A Tank Breaking Down During Their Parade

Look, by no means is the situation with North Korea good. Not at all.
But it’s also not as bad as the recent headlines would have you believe.
North Korea has been doing this shit FOREVER, the only difference now is that we have a president who gets agitated by them, which, for once on my part, is not a knock on Donnie Freedom. North Korea is f*cking annoying and they need to be dealt with.
But short of Donnie Freedom just saying f*ck it after one of his early morning Twitter rants and wiping North Korea off the face of the Earth, nothing is going to happen with them.
They aren’t big terrorism people and even if they were, they wouldn’t be competent enough to pull it off, especially in the States. And I’ll tell you right now — their military ain’t worth shit.
If Kim Jong-Un tried to launch any sort of heavy artillery missile, he’d blow up his own damn neighborhood. Momma Un, Brother Un, whatever family he hasn’t already murdered, instantly wiped off the face of the earth. Picture the Road Runner from Looney Tunes: that’s essentially Kim Jong-Un.
So, for those of you worried about nuclear war breaking out, don’t worry, because it isn’t going to happen with North Korea (but definitely keep your eye on Russia and China).

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