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Satanic Professor Has Student Asking Off For Funeral Resend Email Because Of Subject Line


We’ve all had asshole professors, however, being an asshole and being completely ignorant are two different things entirely. The following example is an unabashed example of flaming ignorance.

An anonymous United States college professor has set Reddit on fire after an uploaded email exchange shows the professor, known only as Joshua, being dismissive of a student who was attempting to mourn the death of a friend.

When “Joshua” replied to the student’s request for accommodations so she should could attend a funeral, instead of expressing sympathy like a normal non-sociopathic human, the professor was more concerned with email semantics.

‘Hello Professor. I was wondering if I could take Thursday’s in-class quiz that’s on the 20th on Tuesday the 18th instead. I have a funeral service to attend to morning of Thursday, so I will not be able to make it,’ the stuent wrote in the intial email.

‘Hi Ana,’ the professor wrote back. ‘Please resend your email with a proper closing and a more relevant subject line. Thanks, Joshua.’

According to a Reddit comment by Ana, the user who posted the email, the professor aware that the funeral was taking place because the deceased was a member of the college community and a school-wide email had been sent to students and staff.

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