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British Student Henry Suggitt Dies In Canadian Wilderness After Taking LSD


Henry Suggitt, 19, of Woking, Surrey, was a British teenager who died in the Canadian woods after taking acid as a ‘one off’ experiment. Suggitt died just weeks before beginning his degree in marine zoology at Bangor University in Wales, England.

Suggitt, who was visiting friends in Canada when he took the LSD, started running around and throwing himself on the ground and into trees before suddenly falling and becoming still.

Henry’s mother, 51, said of her son: ‘He was a very fit, healthy young man and he was not a normal drug-taker.’

‘This was a one-off but he chose to do it with his friend. For us we wanted to let others know about the dangers in that even one-off drug taking can have a devastating impact. We just want something positive to come out of all this,’ Suggitt said.

A post-mortem examination conducted Dr. Susan Phillips found that cause of death as LSD toxicity. Suggitt was found to have 1.3 micrograms of LSD in his system, for every microlitre of blood and 31mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

You can find the GoGetFunding page for Henry here.

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