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WATCH: Gronk Hilariously Interrupts Sean Spicer During White House Press Conference


Let’s get a few obvious things out of the way:

  1. Sean Spicer is a tool bag
  2. Rob Gronkowski is an affable nitwit

Got it? Okay, cool.

Today, the New England Patriots are visiting the White House after their historic Super Bowl win over the Atlanta Falcons in February. As we all know, the White House is responsible for some pretty important stuff, including briefing the press every day. It is in that capacity that Spicer has, ahem, struggled as press secretary. Every other day the dude seems to spout of nonsense like supporting Hitler, so we gotta believe he was ecstatic when Gronk briefly interrupted his White House press conference.

Check it out.

Look at the relief, the gratitude, the sheer excitement on little Spicey’s face. Also, Gronk, dude, what are you doing? Did you get lost on your way to the bathroom? Oh, it doesn’t matter. You can do no wrong in our eyes, Gronk. You are a wonderful, wonderful human being. Keep that -ish up.

Before I go, here’s Melissa McCarthy’s latest roast of Spicer. Enjoy.

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