Muslim-American Ehab Jaber Live Streams Himself Making Threats, Isn't Arrested By Police

Ehab Jaber, a self-described Muslim-American man from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was not arrested by police after streaming a video on Facebook Live outside of a Christian conference in which he showed off an arsenal of guns. Jaber also made verbal threats in the video.
Jaber recorded the video on Saturday, April 9, at the Worldview Weekend Christian gathering in the Hilton Garden Inn South of Sioux Falls.
According to Brannon Howes, the president of Worldview Weekend and host of Worldview Weekend Radio and TV, an off-duty cop confronted Jaber, requesting him to stop filming near the conference with an estimated attendance of about 500 people, including women and children.
In the videos, Jaber is both inside the event and in his van in the parking lot, where he shows off his arsenal.

“And now if you want to really be scared… be scared,” he says as he shows off his AK-47.

Jaber then puts down the AK-47 to reveal two hidden handguns on his person and others in the van, saying ‘be scared’ as he reveals each one. He then shows off an AR-15 assault rifle, saying ‘Be f*cking terrified.’
In the series of videos recorded by Jaber, he is wearing a shirt that reads: ‘I am a Muslim, I open carry and conceal carry and I am only dangerous if you are stupid.’.

Despite all this, Jaber was not arrested.  The state of South Dakota allows open carry and Sioux Falls police officer Sam Clemens said that Jaber had a concealed carry permit.

“He was approached by police while in the event, and acknowledged that he was carrying weapons,” Clemens told The Daily Caller. “The police informed him that firearms were not allowed in the event and was asked to leave. He complied.”

Furthermore, Clemens said that representatives of the FBI and South Dakota police interviewed Jaber afterward, eventually determining that he had not broken any laws. When asked if he had a motive, Clemens said Jaber had told Sioux Falls police he was unhappy with one of the speakers at the conference.

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