Nearly Half Of Pot-Smoking Parents Admit To Smoking Around/With Their Kids

In a survey of nearly 1,200 American adults, nearly half of the parents who use marijuana admitted to doing so in front of or with their children. As Bob Dylan used to say, the time’s are a changin’.

According to a recent poll conducted by Yahoo! and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, 47% of those who “admitted using the drug did so in full view or alongside their children.” Of the 1,122 Americans included in the study, all of them were 18 and older.

The study, which is part of a series called Weed & the American Family, also revealed that 52% of the subjects had tried marijuana at one point in their lives. Of that group, 54% are parents who currently still use and 65% of those who have used marijuana now has children. According to Yahoo’s analysis of the study, this means that marijuana use is ‘well-positioned’ to become an element in familial dynamics.

Via Yahoo:

As the law evolves, and as social attitudes evolve along with it, more and more Americans are overcoming old taboos and incorporating pot into their family lives. Marijuana use has become surprisingly open and acceptable in families where adults use marijuana — and, in fact, the majority of Americans who say they use marijuana are parents (54 percent).

Again and again, the research shows that adults who have at least some experience with marijuana — whether they use it regularly or have simply tried it once — are much less likely to be concerned about its effects on themselves or others. This suggests that as weed becomes more widespread in the age of legalization, more Americans and their families will start to feel the same way.

We’re not quite there yet, but one day and one day soon, people will see a bowl pack as harmless as a glass of wine.

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