Langston University is On Lockdown After Shooter Flees Nearby



Langston University is currently on lockdown while police search for the suspect who shot a Logan County police officer.

What Happened?

A Logan County Sheriff’s deputy was serving an eviction notice around 8:42 A.M. Tuesday morning to Nathan Aaron Leforce, 45, when he shot the deputy multiple times in the face and body. Leforce allegedly then stole the officer’s vehicle and fled the scene.

The cruiser was then parked at Smitty’s One Stop near Highway 33 and Henney Road, where Leforce is said to have stolen a 2010 Mazda 3. The Mazda was later found abandoned near County Road 76 and Jaxton Road. Leforce has not yet been found.

As such, the nearby Langston University as well as Muhall and Coyle public schools were both put on lockdown. The FBI is on-scene investigating and providing assistance.

Leforce is described as a white male wearing a black shirt with tattoos on his neck.

UPDATE 3:34 P.M. ET – Leforce has been apprehended by police.

The deputy, who was transferred to OU Medical Center, has reportedly died.

Langston University

Langston University, abbreviated as LU, is a public university in Langston, Oklahoma, United States. It is the only historically black college in the state and serves 2,554 students. It was established on March 12, 1897.

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