Kendrick Lamar & Don Cheadle Trade Bars In Music Video For “DNA.”

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get that double album from Kendrick Lamar after all, but at least DAMN. is chock-full of hits. One of the many standout tracks from Kendrick’s fourth studio album is “DNA.,” so it makes perfect sense for the song to get a music video. “DNA.” is DAMN.’s second single behind “HUMBLE.,” and it packs a punch similar to a Mike Tyson left hook.

In the music video directed by Nabil & the little homies, Kendrick gets interrogated and hooked up to a lie detector by Don Cheadle. Just when it looks like Cheadle is going to be a total dick to Kendrick, he gets possessed by the hot fire of “DNA.”

Watch Kendrick and Cheadle trade bars back and forth in the super intense video for “DNA.”

Goddamn, that was sweet. I might quit coffee cold turkey and just blare that music video every morning to get the blood flowing. Talk about putting some pep in your step.

And this whole time I thought Cheadle was only into country music. You really do learn something new every day.

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