Military Helicopter Crashes Into Maryland Golf Course

A military helicopter has crashed in Leonardtown, Maryland. The aircraft crashed at the Breton Bay Golf Course, according to the St. Mary’s County fire department, around 2:00 P.M. EST Monday.

What Happened?

A military helicopter, said to be a Fort Belvoir UH-60 black Hawk helicopter, crashed at the Breton Bay Golf Course in Maryland around 1:50 P.M. EST on Monday. One crew member on the helicopter was medivaced, according to a Fort Belvoir spokesperson. The two other crew members are doing okay.
Maryland State Police spokesman Sgt. Davaughn Parker said a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Leonardtown on Monday afternoon. He says state police have sent two medevac helicopters to the scene to assist
Kevin Bowen, who works in the pro shop of the Breton Bay Golf and Country Club in Leonardtown, says he saw the helicopter “flying kind of low” and then “saw it spinning” before it went down between the third and fourth holes of the golf course.
Witnesses said pieces off the helicopter were falling off, but there is no report of fire at this time.

Less than two weeks ago, a fighter jet crashed in a wooded area near Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The pilot parachuted out of the F-16 after suffering mechanical trouble and managed to steer the aircraft away from a neighborhood. The D.C. Air National Guard F-16C fighter jet crashed April 5 in Clinton, Maryland, about 6 miles southwest of the military base that is home to Air Force One, base officials said. The pilot was on a routine training mission at the time. No one on the ground was hurt.

Breton Bay Golf Course

Breton Bay Golf Course was established in 1971 and is a semi-private country club featuring a premier 18 hold golf course, a full service Pro Shop, an aquatic facility with a large competition pool, four tennis courts and a Club House.

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