Justin Verlander Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Justin Worth Now?

Regarded as one of the most dominant starting pitchers in baseball, Justin Verlander has been an extremely successful player for the Detroit Tigers since 2005. The 2011 Cy Young winner has made a name for himself as one of Detroit’s most beloved athletes. With that notoriety, Verlander has made a very nice living, but how much is the star ace worth?

Just Verlander’s Net Worth as of 2019: $80 Million

How did Verlander get there? And how did his accomplishments allow him to garner this type of wealth? Let’s find out.

2005 – 2007

Justin Verlander Net Worth 2007

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Verlander made his major league debut with the Detroit Tigers on July 4, 2005. Although he only started once more after that (7.15 ERA in two starts), Verlander would eventually make a name for himself the following year.
In 2006, Verlander took his game to the next level as he posted a 3.63 ERA with a 17-9 record. On top of that, he won AL Rookie of The Year Honors. Verlander continued his dominance into 2007. Not only did Verlander increase his wins record from 17 to 18, he also recorded a no-hitter against the Milwaukee Brewers. He struck out 12 and threw a 102 mph fastball.
He reportedly earned $400,000 in 2007.

2008 – 2011

Justin Verlander Net Worth 2011

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2008 saw Verlander regress slightly in terms of his ERA. He averaged 1.21 more earned runs than last season and finished the year with an 11-17 win-loss record. However, 2009 saw Verlander return to form as he led the league with 269 strikeouts and his 10.1 strikeouts per nine innings pitched led all American League starters. During the 2010 offseason, Verlander signed a contract extension for five years and $80 million. Verlander also posted the best ERA of his career at 3.37. In 2011, Verlander reached his peak as a major league pitcher. He won the triple crown of pitching, posted a career low ERA of 2.40, won the AL Cy Young award, and won AL MVP honors.
He reportedly earned $13,416,666 in 2011.

2012 – Present

Justin Verlander Net Worth 2017

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In 2012, Verlander was named the AL starting pitcher for the league’s all-star game. Verlander finished just behind Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price in the AL Cy Young voting. Before the start of the 2013 season, Verlander signed a seven-year $180 million contract. At the time the contract made him the highest-paid pitcher in MLB history. He once again finished the season with an impressive ERA (3.46).
After undergoing core muscle surgery before the 2014 season, Verlander struggled throughout most of the season. While he eventually posted an adequate ERA of 4.54, it was his worst ERA posting since the 2008 season. Despite starting the 2015 season on the disabled list, Verlander rallied and posted a 3.38 ERA on the season. He dropped his walk rate to 2.2 and raised his strikeout rate back up to a respectable 7.6.  While the first half of the 2016 season saw Verlander post an unimpressive 4.07 ERA, he was able to find his stride in the second half as he finished the season with a 3.04 ERA.
Early in the 2017 season, Verlander has pitched exceptionally well. He already has a win and his ERA currently stands at 1.35.


American professional baseball pitcher, Justin Verlander was bartered to Astros after 13 years in Detroit and will now start off a new journey there.


Justin Verlander was spotted glammed up in his best 1920s-inspired clothing to celebrate Amy Cole Crawford’s birthday party in Beverly Hills on 12th of this month.

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