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Steve ‘Stevie Steve’ Stephens: Full Story & Must-See Details

Steve Stephens Details


Steve Stephens, 37, is suspected of fatally shooting Robert Goodwin, Sr., 74, in Cleveland on Sunday and broadcasting the killing on Facebook Live. It was reported on Tuesday morning that police had found the dead body of Stephens, who shot himself in the head after a brief chase with police in Pennsylvania.

What Happened?

Steve Stephens, 37, is suspected of fatally shooting an elderly man and broadcasting the killing on Facebook Live in Cleveland on Sunday evening. In the video, Stephens also claimed to have killed as many as 12 people, though that was not confirmed. He said he was committing the murder because he was upset at his girlfriend, Joy Lane.

On Sunday, police locked down East 102 Street – East 108 Street in Cleveland following the shooting.

Erie police confirmed that Stephens committed suicide in Erie, Pennsylvania in the white Ford Fusion police had been searching for. Reports say that Stephens shot himself on April 18 after a brief chase around 11:10 A.M. in Erie and is dead. His car was heading into the City of Erie when he killed himself, police said.

Stephens was on the run for a total of three days. A coordinated effort between local, state and federal authorities was launched to find the Facebook killer.

An early report that claimed the killer’s cell phone “pinged” in Erie, Pennsylvania turned out to be accurate.

Stephens claimed to have killed a dozen people in the Facebook Live police. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, however, said that no other victims are known at this time.

“We’ve checked several locations that were either in the [Facebook Live] post itself or from information we got. So far there are no more victims tied to Steve and this incident,” said Williams.


The victim of the shooting was identified as Robert Goodwin, Sr., 74.


Who Is Steve Stephens?

Stephens, 37, is the main suspect in the shooting death of Robert Goodwin, Sr., which was broadcast on Facebook Live. Stephens claimed to have killed upwards of a dozen people.

Stephens was a behavioral therapist and a former youth mentor known as “Stevie Steve.” On Tuesday, April 18, Stephens killed himself via gunshot to the head in Erie, Pennsylvania, after a brief chase with police.

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