Are Banks/Stores Open On Easter Sunday 2018?

Easter Sunday is a religious holiday, not a civil one. Many businesses will shut down or limit their hours on Sunday. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and is celebrated heavily throughout the world.
Easter is a public holiday and some stores, restaurants, and banks will be closed for the whole day. In the United States, Easter has not been recognized as a federal or state holiday. Many parades are held around the country, with the most popular being in New York City.

Here’s what you need to know about what might be open or closed this Easter Sunday.

Are Banks Open On Easter Sunday?

Most banks are closed on Easter Sunday. You can check ATM and banking locations for any possible exceptions online. Some banks and credit unions will not list Easter on their sites, but will not be open on Easter. Typical banks are closed on Sunday to begin with, so the sites won’t list Easter there.
There are a few banks that do open on Sunday, including TD Bank, Academy Bank Midwest, and Citizens Bank, but they will all be closed for Easter. The banks will be open on the Monday following Easter.

What Stores Are Open On Easter Sunday?

Due to Easter being a religious and not a civil holiday, some stores will still be open or have limited hours this Sunday. Just to be sure, you can call your neighborhood store or check their hours online. Some larger chain stores tend to be open on Easter with limited hours, while smaller names may be closed for the day.
Many restaurants and malls may be closed for the day.

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