Gent Zuid Bomb Threat: Full Story & Must-See Details



The Gent Zuid shopping center in Belgium has been evacuated following a bomb scare. The area has been shut down and public transport has been suspended around Woodrow Wilsonplein.

What Happened?

Officers have rushed to the Gent Zuid shopping center to clear the area and shut down public transport. A driver reportedly called police after finding something stuck to one of the parcels in his delivery van.

It is unknown at this time if the caller is an employee of the shopping center.

Army and police bomb squad officials swept into the area after being told that an explosive device had been discovered. Authorities cleared Woodrow Wilson square and stopped all traffic.

A massive 200m perimeter has been erected around the area. Ghent police told VTM NEWS they were investigating a bomb threat.

Buses on the square have been routed through R40.

Belgium has been on high alert since last March when metro stations and an airport were attacked by ISIS jihadis.

The attacks claimed 32 lives and injured dozens more, making it the deadliest terror bombings in Belgium’s history.

Gent Zuid

Ghent is around 56km from the capital of the country, Brussels.

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