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Tony Romo Doing What Tony Romo Does Best: Getting Roasted By The Internet


So, Tony Romo is officially done with the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. It’s weird having football without Romo in it. For more than a decade he’s been the go-to source for easy punchlines and talking head fodder. What are we going to do now, go back to making fun of Jay Cutler? Where’s the fun in that?

Romo will be joining CBS as its lead analyst in his post-playing career. Even though he’s on his way out, the Cowboys have gone out of their way to express their appreciation for the QB. No. 9 has been dashed across the digital boards outside of their Ford Center at The Star offices. Omni Dallas Hotel did the same. Jason Witten threw out a touching tribute to Romo on social media along with several other teammates.

As much as we make fun of the guy – and I’m a Washington Redskins fan, so I’ve made fun of him quite a bit – there’s no denying what he accomplished. He walks away from the game as Dallas’ all-time leader in touchdown passes and passing yards. The dude is easily one of the toughest quarterbacks of the last 20 years, playing half a season with a punctured lung and cracked rib. He also handled the entire Dak Prescott usurpation will class. As goofy and clownish as Romo could be, he’s always kind of (slams three shots of whiskey) The Man.

Begrudgingly, I wish Romo the best in retirement. But I also need to take this opportunity to make fun of him one more time, so enjoy the gallery of memes we put together above.

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