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Lake City Army Ammunition Plant Explodes, Leaves 1 Dead & Multiple Injured


Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

At least one employee is dead and four others are hurt after an explosion Tuesday in a mixing building at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri.

What Happened?

An explosion in a mixing building at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant has left at least one employee dead and four injured.

Previous explosions at Lake City have killed and injured other workers in the past.

In March 2011, an explosion injured six people in a construction area near where workers load powder into bullets. One worker was flown by helicopter to a local hospital.

In December 1990, a primer mixture exploded as a worker pushed materials down the sides of a bowl with a sponge. The worker died.

In August 1981, a worker loading igniter mix into a van suffered severe burns when 175 pounds of the mix exploded. Raymond C. Still, 46 of Hardin, died at a hospital the next day. A 21-year plant veteran, he was moving the mix, which was inside rubber tubes, from a metal shed to the truck when the explosion happened.

Also, a 1985 explosion started a fire that lasted several hours in a storage building, though no injuries were reported as a result.

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant provides quality small-caliber munitions and operates the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) test center. It was established by Remington Arms in 1941. The plant produces upward of 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition per year.

The plant has always produced large quantities of potentially hazardous wasted and substances. Due to the extensive contamination, the plant has been included in the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List.

The plant has a government staff of 29 Army civilians and one soldier to provide contract oversight. The government staff has a payroll of $2.9 million.

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