Julia Louis-Dreyfus Says Top Democrats Have Asked Her To Run For Office 'Cause Screw It Why Not

Welcome to the world, folks, where our real president tweets about real war strategies and a fake president gets asked by the real Democratic party to run for a real office. Confusing, I know.
After years of playing President Selina Meyer on TV, it seems as though comedy veteran and total smoke Julia Louis-Dreyfus has caught some unwanted attention.
In an interview with The Washington Post, Louis-Dreyfus said she’s been approached by top level Democrats to run for office. While she told them it would never happen, the fact that actual politicians have approached an actress with zero political experience just shows the state of American politics.
What exact office she was asked to run for isn’t clear, but you have to imagine if the Democrats are trying to use someone with the star power of Dreyfus, they would be pushing her towards a pretty high office.
Now, I’m not saying she can’t do it. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus more than the average 24-year-old. You’d be amazed how many people my age have never seen Seinfeld — it’s truly tragic. Sarah McLachlan should be making infomercials about millennials who haven’t seen Seinfeld, not dogs.
So, in case the whole Russia, North Korea, Syria, ISIS, Donald Trump thing didn’t already bum you out about American government, maybe this will.

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