Jimmy Kimmel Tearfully Remembers Don Rickles With Emotional Eulogy

On Thursday, April 6, legendary comedian Don Rickles passed away at the age of 90 years old.
Known worldwide for his hilariously insulting brand of comedy, not a soul was safe from Rickles’ riffs, not even the great Frank Sinatra.
Due to the cold nature of his jokes, Don was ironically dubbed “Mr. Warmth.” Rickles performed on the stage and in front of the camera since the late 1950s. And even in the new millennium, his comedy was still kicking. Remember Mr. Potato Head from the Toy Story films? Yupp — played by Don Rickles. My mind was blown too. Don played Mr. Potato Head for all four films, with his last film, Toy Story 4, hitting theaters in 2019.
Now, despite his seemingly crude exterior, it seems as though everyone who knew him swears that the man on the inside was as kind as they come.
Add late night host Jimmy Kimmel to that list, as his tearful eulogy of Rickles gives us a glimpse into what kind of man he truly was.


RIP Don.

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