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Asma Al-Assad is the wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who assumed power in July 2000. Early in Assad’s rule, Asma was seen favorably by the world media for her emphasis on social and economic development. However, in 2011, Asma’s public perception took a hit when she stayed silent at the onset of the Syrian Civil War. Since 2012, Asma has made fewer and fewer public appearances, though the Syrian government still promotes her on Instagram and she has her own Instagram page.
Asma was born Asma Akhras in London in 1975. Both of her parents are Sunni Muslims from Homs, a city located near the air base President Trump directed missiles at on April 6. According to The Express, Asma’s parents still live in London and her father, Fawaz Akhras, continues to give his daughter and son-in-law counsel.
After graduating college, Asma entered the finance world. First, she worked at Deutsche Bank Group as an economics analyst in hedge funds. This work brought her all over Europe and East Asia. Two years after her graduation, she was hired by J.P. Morgan and worked as an investment banker in London and New York.
At this time, she was already beginning to become involved with Assad. The U.K. Mirror reports that the two met while on family vacations and began dating in 1994 when Assad studied medicine in London. When the pair married in December 2000, Assad had already assumed the presidency. Together, they have two sons and one daughter.

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