'The Purge' Is Coming To Your Television Screens

The unlikely success stories of Hollywood always interest me.
Just look at Get Out. The acclaimed directorial debut from Jordan Peele (half of Key & Peele) was made for just $4.5 million dollars, and so far, has made nearly $160 million domestically.
Another example of those unlikely money factories is The Purge franchise. In fact, you could argue the success of The Purge franchise paved the way for low-budget horror films like Get Out. Beginning with 2013’s Ethan Hawke-starring The Purge, the first film was made on a $3 million budget and grossed nearly $90 million. The second movie was made on a $9 million budget and raked in over $111 million. Finally, 2016’s The Purge: Election Year was made for a similarly slim $10 million and brought in another $110 million.
For those at home who aren’t slick with numbers, that’s about a $310 million return on a $22 million investment. Quite the score for the wigs.
And now, the little franchise that could is moving to TV.
Blumhouse, the company behind The Purge franchise, announced that the series is going become a TV show. James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed all three movies, will oversee the series.
Via EW:

It was also announced that Blumhouse Television will be the lead studio on Secure and Hold: The Last Days Of Roger Ailes, a limited scripted series in development at Showtime about the Fox News founder.
Ahead of his duties on the Purge television show, DeMonaco has cowritten with B.K. Evenson the horror novel Feral, about a disease which turns the world’s male population into animal-like killers.

Furthermore, a fourth The Purge film is planned for summer of 2018.

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