Lebron, Currently Playing Regular Season Basketball, Doesn't Want To Talk About Regular Season Baskebtall

As someone who’s been off the Lebron James train for most of his career, I have to admit that even I have been rooting for him since his return to Cleveland. If you can’t admit that the story of Lebron returning to Cleveland is as great as any other story in sports, you’re playing yourself. He put an entire city on his back and then some. So yeah, I’ve been rooting for him more than ever before.
But God damn has Lebron been annoying this year. While I’m still pulling for the guy, it’s clear this third ring went right to his head and he’s letting it. Sure, he played in five straight NBA finals, winning two. And yeah, he was already considered one of the 10 best to ever do it. But he never did it on his own. Miami was Dwayne Wade’s team when he got there and it was Wade’s team when he left. So the minute Lebron dragged his team to a championship, he wasn’t about to let anything stop him from acknowledging his own greatness.
Here’s the latest example:

Via Uproxx:

While his response may seem petty to some, James also happens to be right. He has led his teams to the NBA Finals from different positions among the Eastern Conference pecking order with regard to seed and, as long as LeBron himself is on the court and healthy, the Cavaliers will be favored over any opponent in the East regardless of homecourt advantage.

And the tough part is that you have to give Lebron his credit, ’cause what he has done over the last couple of years is remarkable. But dude, we all know how good you are, you don’t have to walk around, puffing your chest to reporters who are just trying to do their job.

Amazon Earns The Right To Stream Thursday Night Football This Season
Amazon Earns The Right To Stream Thursday Night Football This Season
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