Lebron James Got Shot By A Sniper Durning Last Night's Cavs-Spurs Game #PrayForLebron

Why, 13 years and three NBA Championships into his career, does Lebron James feel like he has something to prove?
Why, after going to the NBA finals for six consecutive seasons, does Lebron James feel the need to make excuses? Can’t you and the Cavaliers just lose regularly? There is no shame in being beaten by the Spurs.
The point I’m getting to is this: Lebron going down like a sack of potatoes after getting bopped on the back of the head by David Lee is maybe the most Lebron James thing of all time. You think if the score was reversed, he’d be limping off the court with a ‘spinal injury’? F*ck no! He’d be kicking it on the bench, bottle flipping or doing whatever the hell it is that he does when his team is winning. Pretending to be hurt when your team is losing is a tale as old as time, and apparently everyone except for Lebron seems to be woke to it.


Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James said he’s “fine” after suffering a blow to the middle of his upper back area in the third quarter that forced him to leave Monday’s game with his team down 24 points to the San Antonio Spurs.
“I’ll be ready by Thursday [in Chicago],” James said in the locker room after Cleveland’s 103-74 loss. “I got elbowed in the neck and spine.”
James absorbed the blow standing under the basket as Spurs forward/center David Lee pulled down a rebound with his elbow coming in contact with the Cavaliers star. The blow occurred with 28 seconds remaining in the third quarter and left James lying on the court writhing in pain for approximately five minutes.

FIVE MINUTES. Do you know how long five minutes is, really? Put it this way, if you had to wait five minutes for a coffee at Starbucks, you’d wonder what the hell is taking so long.
So, to recap: the Cavs get smoked, Lebron has enough, pretends to get hurt, makes a scene for five minutes, then says immediately after the game he’s fine.
Classic f*cking Lebron.
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