Brazilian Tulane Guest Lecturer Arrested For Raping The Student Who Showed Him Around Town


Rafael Schincariol, a 34-year-old Brazilian lecturer, was arrested after accusations that he violently raped a drunk graduate student at Tulane University in February 2017.

Schincariol, 34, spoke at the university just hours before the alleged attack as a representative for the Organization of America States Commission for Human Rights. The sexual assault was stopped by the victim’s boyfriend, who discovered Schincariol having sex with his girlfriend in their master bedroom when he returned home.

According to the Times-Picayne, an arrest affidavit, the victim said that while she did not know Schincariol, she agreed to show him around New Orleans as a favor to her academic advisor.

New Orleans Sex Crimes detective Claudia Bruce said that the victim’s only memories from the attack include being in ‘a lot of pain’ when Schincariol raped her anally on her living room floor.

via Times-Picayne:

The student told investigators she drank excessively, downing as many as nine alcoholic drinks, capped by a shot of tequila at the Appel Barrel bar in Faubourg Marigny. She said she was too intoxicated to drive, but accepted a ride home from Schincariol after he dropped off her girlfriends first and was given her address by them.

The grad student said she texted her live-in boyfriend around 2:30 a.m. to say that she had gotten a ride home from the guest speaker and that her boyfriend should thank him.

But the¬†woman told police the next thing she remembered was being raped on the floor of her living room and experiencing “a lot of pain,” the report said. Her next memory, according to the report, was of her boyfriend screaming at her upon arriving home after getting off his job at 6 a.m. and finding Schincariol having sex with her.

Michael Strecker, a spokesman¬†for Tulane, declined to comment on the arrest but did confirm that Schincariol visited the campus twice. Once when he spoke to a class on February 9, and a second time when he was giving his guest lecture February 10 in Joseph Merrick Jones Hall titled “Mobilizations of Youth, Artists and Collectives in Brazil.”

Schincariol, who was released on a $25,000 bond, faces up to 25 years in prison. He returns to court on April 27.

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