Spanish Team Loses 12-0 To Barcelona's B-Team, Coach Is Arrested On Suspicion Of Match Fixing

Filippo di Pierro, the coach of Eldense, a team that recently lost 12-0 to Barcelona’s B team, has been arrested on suspicion of match-fixing.
Spanish police are investigating potential corruption following the 12-0 blowout on Saturday, April 1, and have arrested Eldense manager Filippo di Pierro, detaining him for questioning. Di Pierro was detained by police on Monday, April 3, who also questioned a number of players.
One of the reasons authorities are suspicious is the fact that Eldense didn’t make a single substitution during the entire game despite the drastic score.
While Saturday’s loss sealed Eldense’s relegation, the club announced on Sunday that they would not be playing any more matches this season, as well as cutting ties with their Italian investors. However, on Monday, April 3, the team announced it would participate in its remaining fixtures.
Via Independent:

Even prior to Di Pierro’s arrest one player accused his teammates of throwing the game. Cheikh Saad told radio stationRAC1: ‘There are four players involved in match fixing. I don’t care what happens, but when I can, I will give the names of these players.

‘Half an hour before playing the game against Barcelona B I was starting, but then I was out of the line up. They told a teammate this game was fixed and if he wanted to play he should not score goals.  They didn’t ask me as they knew what my answer would be. The coach knew something, I’m sure, and the players too.’

One of the club’s players, 20-year-old Michael Wayne Fernandez, was seen at the police station giving evidence in the suspected match-fixing case. Furthermore, The Sun is reporting that the club’s owner, Nobile Capuani, has ties to the Italian mafia.

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