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New Chicago Bears Tight End Finds Out He’s A Baby Daddy Through Instagram


“A tale as old as time.

A song as old as rhyme.

Football players knocking up Instagram modelllllsssss.”

Not bad, right? If this whole writing thing doesn’t pan out maybe I can become a Disney princess.

Anyway, meet Dion Sims. Sims signed a three-year, $18 million contract with the Bears this offseason,  following a career year with the Dolphins where he caught 26 passes and four touchdowns in 14 games. The 26-year-old 6’4″, 271-pounder then signed with the Bears in the offseason. However, it looks like he won’t be able to enjoy his new found money for long.

Instagram model  _mimibad took to the photo sharing app to blast the Chicago Bears tight end by announcing that she was pregnant with his child and that he needs to step up and be a father.

She told him to stop ignoring her.

“how could i tell everybody but you, congrats DION SIMS your having another little girl. @mia80h not going to air out our personal business but I just thought you should know. Hopefully within time you take care of your responsibilities, since you want to ignore what’s going on. And as for anybody who wants to comment ignorant shit you know nothing about this situation so keep your negative comments to yourself. Congrats again baby daddy & thank you for this blessing.”

Let this be a lesson to all rich athletes: if you’re gonna sleep with groupies, you should text them back, ’cause you bet your ass they’re getting in touch with you, one way or another.

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