14-Year-Old 'Human Calculator' Becomes UK University Lecturer And We Feel Dumb

Yasha Asley, 14, will become the youngest lecturer and student in University of Leicester history. He will take classes and teach math to other students because he’s a full blown genius.
Asley was interviewed and offered the paid position when he was just 13-years-old. At the time he beat out adult applicants for the job. Let me just stop here quickly and say that I once sharted on the school bus when I was 13. Clearly, Asley and I do not belong to the same species.
The University had to gain special permission from the city council in order to employ Asley because, you know, teenager and all that. Once his employment begins, he will run workshops for adult students who need help and support solving problems after his lectures. Pretty nuts, right? It makes me feel even more inadequate for being placed in dumb math during high school.
Asley was the first child in the world to earn an A grade in math A Level scoring 100 percent when he was just 8-years-old. I’d like to stop here again and say quickly that I remember dropping a full-blown deuce in my pants during a soccer game when I was 8. Once again, Asley and I are not from the same planet.

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