Superhuman Trucker Drove 3,000 Miles Non-Stop While High On Meth, LSD & Cocaine

Gary Robbins, a truck driver from Homer, Alaska, was arrested by Massachusetts police on Tuesday, March 28, after allegedly driving 3,000 miles without rest from Washington state while hopped up on a combination of crystal methamphetamine, LSD, and cocaine.
The Deerfield Police Department, the Massachusettes town Robbins was arrested in, said Robbins was charged with driving while under the influence of drugs, as well as ‘a laundry list’ of motor vehicle violation. Robbins had started his trek in Seattle and made his way all the way to Massachusetts without rest.
Furthermore, according to Deerfield Police officer Adam Sokoloski, Robbins threw his credit cards into the truck’s fuel tank, locked himself out of the truck, and was trying to climb into the cab through the space between the cab and trailer, Sokoloski said, noting Robbins did not own the truck.
via The Recorder:

At the scene, Police Sgt. Harry Ruddock III “began speaking with (Robbins) and the driver was clearly acting combative and showing signs of drug use,” including dilated pupils, Deerfield Police posted on its Facebook page.
“He was clearly a danger to himself and others,” Sokoloski said.
“It appeared the driver didn’t rest, only used drugs, and he drove from Seattle, Wash., to Deerfield, with a destination on the East Coast,” the police posted on social media.
Later, police say, Robbins admitted to using drugs but refused to go to the hospital. “Officers had quite the struggle to get this truck driver to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center.”

Robbins, whose truck was impounded and brought to the Whately truck stop for a full inspection by the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, has been summoned to appear in Greenfield District Court.
via Deerfield PD
This is like a Hunter S. Thompson novel come to life.

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