WKU Alum Filing Charges Against Football Players Who Allegedly Assaulted Him

Earlier this month, we brought you the video of alleged Western Kentucky University football players at the school’s PIKE fraternity house. Now, the victim of that assault says he wants to press charges.
Jerald Armfield, the victim of the attack, says he was assaulted by a group of approximately 10 WKU football players outside of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house.
According to a police report, the alleged assailants were upset about a previous fight that took place the night before between members of Pi Kappa Alpha and members of the school’s football team.
Armfield, who is a PIKE alumnus, says he was called by someone inside the PIKE house that night saying there was a crowd of football players gathering outside. Armfield says that when he went outside to ask the group to leave, they assaulted him.

That’s when he says “they all started surrounding me. One of them threw a rock at me. It was within a few more seconds that one of them punched me in the face, knocking me through the gate. I fell down, I was kicked several times.”

Armfield is now saying he plans to file charges, although it’s unclear against whom he meant specifically: the football players, the school, the university, or all three.
Either way, the guy is going to clean up.
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