On This Week's Edition Of 'Stealing Jokes With Amy Schumer' Is… Zach Galifianakis!

If you’re asking yourself, ‘Wow, Eric, did you intentionally use a horrible picture of Amy Schumer on purpose?’ the answer is 1000% yes. And if you’re curious if this was the worst picture I could find, the answer is no, because I don’t have that kind of time. But it IS the worst picture I could find on the first page of Getty, so you could only imagine how much worse it would get if I dug deeper.
At this point, she must be stealing jokes, like, ironically, right? Just to f*ck with us. Amy Schumer trying to get away with stealing jokes is like Anthony Weiner trying to claim he hasn’t sent 10 billion illicit dick pics. We all know you did it and we all know you’re going to do it again.
It’s so blatant, it’s almost as if she’s a child who doesn’t understand that what she’s doing is wrong. Just repeatedly doing theĀ sameĀ thing every day and then waking up the next with no remote sense of consequence for what she’s just done. It’s kind of like Donald Trump tweeting about Obama going ’90s Bond villain on him and installing a wiretap and then being shocked when reporters ask him about it for the next month. Uh, yeah dude, you can’t just say the former president spied on you and expect people not to ask questions, just like Amy Schumer can’t just be stealing jokes and expect us not to notice.


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