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Sure Looks Like Amy Schumer Is Stealing Jokes Again


2017 will be Amy Schumer‘s last in the sunlight. I know that’s not much of a hot take, but it’s the truth. Schumer’s been pedaling bullshit comedy for too long and her reign ends now.

The problem with Amy Schumer is that she’s a repeat offender. Joke-stealing happens, sometimes it even happens as an unconscious mistake. But when it happens repeatedly, you’re just an old-fashioned hack.

And as it turns out, not only are people getting wise to Schumer’s act, but they aren’t finding it very funny anymore, either.

Decider reviewed all 876 “Member Reviews” of the special that are currently posted on, and the results are pretty grim: 33 subscribers gave it 5 stars, 17 gave it 4 stars, 22 gave it 3 three stars, 85 gave it 2 stars, 710 users give it 1 star, and 9 gave it zero stars. That makes the average rating for The Leather Special 1.35 stars.

Just like South Park pointed out, Schumer just made a bunch of vagina jokes and packaged them as comedy. She was never funny, she just convinced the idiot masses that she was.

She’s got a preposterous looking movie with Goldie f*cking Hawn coming out in May, so assuming it’s steaming hot garbage, that will be curtains on ole’ Schumer. Hopefully, she takes Lena Dunham with her.


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