Fetty Wap's Rival 'Fuzz' Shoots At Him, Steals His Chain, Posts Picture On IG, Gets Arrested

New Jersey police have arrested Raheem Thomas in connection to a shooting involving Paterson rapper Fetty Wap that left three people with gunshot wounds.
In the early hours of Sunday, March 26, shots were fired outside of Montclair Deli, a 24-hour deli in Fetty Wap’s hometown of Paterson. The shooting took place at approximately 5:00 A.M. at the deli located on Montclair Avenue and Paxton Street.
On Monday, March 27, police arrested and charged 36-year-old Raheem Thomas with assault and weapons counts. Thomas was arrested after posting a picture on his Instagram account of a masked figure wearing Fetty Wap’s signature ‘1738’ gold chain.
Via NJ.com:

On arrival, officers found a 34-year-old man with a gunshot wound to a lower leg. A second man was found three blocks away with a gunshot to the torso. Both victims were taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.
A short time later, Hackensack University Medical Center reported a gunshot victim arrived by private vehicle to the hospital trauma center, Speziale said.
“(The shooting) appears to have started inside the deli when a group that included Willie Maxwell (Fetty Wap) became involved in a heated altercation with another group that entered the deli a short time after Maxwell’s arrival,”city police Director Jerry Speziale said in a statement.
A fight broke out inside the deli with one male victim struck with a firearm. Both groups spilled onto the street, where the shots were fired and three men were struck, the police director said.

Furthermore, according to TMZ, Fetty Wap and Thomas’ issues stem from a “deep-rooted” beef over music deals for years. Thomas’ crew told Fetty Wap, born Willie Maxwell,  to “stay out of Paterson.”
Thomas, who is the CEO of Muscle Team Entertainment, released a song titled “Got Em Remix” in early 2017, mocking Fetty Wap.


What Happened?

Raheem Thomas, 36, known in the rap industry as ‘Fuzz,’ was arrested on assault and weapons charges after shooting at fellow Paterson, New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap in the early hours of Sunday, March 26.

Who is Raheem ‘Fuzz’ Thomas?

Raheem Thomas, known professionally as Fuzz, is a 36-year-old from Paterson, New Jersey, who is the CEO of Muscle Team Entertainment. He reportedly has a ‘deep-rooted’ beef with Fetty Wap over some music deals and has been arrested for shooting at him.

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