I Am In Love With This Auburn Softball Player Who Straight G-Checked A Rival Coach

I’d make a joke about this being a big swingin’ d*ck move, but because of the whole ‘all softball players are lesbians’ stereotype, it’s better if I wade away from those waters. I’ll just let you imagine what I would have said. Believe me this: it would have been hilarious.
I take you down to SEC Country, where even the rivalries in women’s softball are as fierce as they come. So take what you’re about to say about softball, the SEC being overhyped, or softball players being brutish and shove it all right up your ass because this is not only awesome, but I’m pretty sure something I’ve never seen before in sports. Please, if you can find a video of an athlete, especially an amateur one, shoving the opposing team’s coach after the game is already finished then, by all means, prove me wrong. But until then, Haley Fagan, a University of Auburn softball player, is a badass unlike any we’ve ever seen before.
Wanna know how I know? Because you can just tell by her body language that she isn’t doing this for show or to go viral or to act tough. She’s doing it because she has a good reason. Little fun fact for you, but I was a communications major at Rutgers, and one of the only things I remember learning is that about 90% (give or take 5%) of communication is nonverbal and her nonverbal communication is screaming ‘f*ck this guy.’
According to the SI report, the beef stems from the fact that Fagan’s two older sisters, Kasey and Sami, played for the coach, Tim Walton, at Florida before the coach dismissed them from the team. The two Fagans and a third player, Cheyenne Coyle, were dismissed from the team just hours before an NCAA tournament game in 2012. Sami took to Facebook to refute rumors that their dismissal was related to “racism or bullying.”
Fagan’s father Kevin told the Gainesville Sun that it was the result of an altercation on the team.

“The team sort of divided and Walton felt like it was in his best interest to get rid of those three,” Fagan explained.

So even if the Fagans were wrong, which, for some reason, I highly doubt, you still have to respect the hell out of younger sis sticking up for her family years after the fact.

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