Bill O'Reilly Makes Fun Of Maxine Waters' Hair, Says She Has 'James Brown Wig'

Noted jackass Bill O’Reilly is back under fire yet again after making an insanely inappropriate comment on today’s episode of Fox & Friends. His extremely misguided attempt at humor took place while they were discussing a clip of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters speaking out against President Donald Trump on Monday night in Washington D.C.
Instead of doing his job and trying to provide some thoughtful analysis on what Waters had to say, O’Reilly opted to take a cheap shot at her hairdo. Watch O’Reilly put his foot in his mouth in the videos below.

Jesus Christ, what an idiot. Didn’t O’Reilly learn anything from Don Imus? Leave the racially-charged jokes about black women’s hair alone at all costs. I can’t believe that somebody who gets paid to talk on television could possibly think that a comment like that would be acceptable. But then again, I also can’t believe that anyone would actually want to hear what this slapdick thinks about anything.
To get that nasty taste out of our mouths, let’s laugh at these all-time classic Bill O’Reilly videos from simpler times.

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