NIT Tournament 2017: Bracket, Game Times, Dates & TV Channels

March Madness exists in more than just the NCAA Tournament, as the NIT has also been pretty wild. For the first time ever, an eight seed, CSU Bakersfield, has gone all the way to the semifinals. To put that into perspective, the eight seed is essentially the 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The NIT Final Four is set to kick-off tomorrow, with all the action taking place at Madison Square Garden.
The NIT Tournament offers teams that felt they were snubbed from the NCAA Tournament to prove the country and the selection committee wrong. The last remaining teams are Georgia Tech, CSU Bakersfield, UCF, and TCU. The NIT has surpassed expectations, and there is not one top seed that made it to the Final Four.
To no surprise, the NIT gets overshadowed by the Big Dance, but if you’re praying for more great basketball to watch to get you through this week, look no further than the NIT. The first matchup features the Cinderella of the league, the CSU Bakersfield Runners, taking on the six seed Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Yellow Jackets know a thing or two about stiff competition from playing in the ACC.
The second matchup of the semifinals pits the fourth-seeded TCU Horned Frogs against another four seed, the UCF Knights. If you forgot, TCU stunned Kansas in the Big 12 Tournament quarterfinals and have carried that momentum into the NIT.
Below is the fully updated NIT Bracket, along with scores, dates, times, and channels.

2017 NIT Bracket


2017 NIT Updated Scores, Game Times, Dates & TV Channels

First Round (Tuesday, March 14)

Ole Miss 91, Monmouth 83 | Box score
Illinois 82, Valparaiso 57 | Box score
Oakland 74, Clemson 69 | Box score
Georgia Tech 75, Indiana 63 | Box score
Colorado State 81, College of Charleston 74 | Box score
Richmond 71, Alabama 63 | Box score
Boise St. 73, Utah 68 | Box score
Cal Bakersfield 73, Cal 66 | Box score

First Round (Wednesday, March 15)

Belmont 78, Georgia 69 | Box score
UCF 79, Colorado 74 | Box score
Syracuse 90, UNC Greensboro 77 | Box score
Akron 78, Houston 75 | Box score
TCU 66, Fresno Sate 59 | Box score
Iowa 87, South Dakota 75| Box score
Illinois State 85, UC Irvine 71 | Box score
Texas-Arlington 105, BYU 89 | Box score

Second Round (Saturday, March 18)

Ole Miss 85, Syracuse 80 | Box score 

Second Round (Sunday, March 19)

Georgia Tech 71, Belmont 57 | Box score
TCU 94, Iowa 92 | Box score
Richmond 87, Oakland 83 | Box score

Second Round (Monday, March 20)

UCF 63, Illinois State 62 | Box score
UT Arlington 85, Akron 69 | Box score
Illinois 71, Boise State 56 | Box score
CSU Bakersfield 81, Colorado State 63 | Box score 

Quarterfinals (Tuesday, March 21)

TCU 86, Richmond 68 | Box score
Georgia Tech 74, Ole Miss 66 | Box score 

Quarterfinals (Wednesday, March 22)

UCF 68, Illinois 58 | Box score
CSU Bakersfield 80, UT Arlington 76| Box score

Semifinals (Tuesday, March 28)

Georgia Tech vs. CSU Bakersfield at 7:00 P.M. ET on ESPN
TCU vs. UCF at 9:00 P.M. ET on ESPN

Finals (Thursday, March 30)

TCU/UCF vs. Georgia Tech/CSU Bakersfield at 8:00 P.M. ET on ESPN

Lonzo Ball, Blink Twice If You Need Rescuing
Lonzo Ball, Blink Twice If You Need Rescuing
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